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CNN Panel Destroys Scaramucci After Claiming Stormy Daniels Buyout Was ‘Very Presidential’: Watch


CNN Panel Destroys Scaramucci After Claiming Stormy Daniels Buyout Was ‘Very Presidential’: Watch

During a CNN panel discussion on Sunday, panelists called out former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci for claiming that Donald Trump acted “very presidential” when he had his attorney pay off an adult film star to cover up an alleged affair.

“What kind of example does that set?” CNN host Jim Acosta wondered, referring to the impact on nation’s children.

“This is the mistake that everybody’s making about him,” Scaramucci opined. “He’s obviously very presidential.”

“In what way?” Acosta asked as the panel laughed.

“What are you talking about?” Scaramucci complained. “I think he’s breaking new presidential ground in the North Korea situation. You may think it’s bad but, guess what, I happen to think it’s very good.”

“Because he’s president, everything he does is presidential?” conservative pundit Amanda Carpenter asked.

“You guys don’t like his style,” Scaramucci said. “I’m trying to help out my Democratic friends here.”

“If Barack Obama paid off a porn star $130,000, if he cheated on three wives,” CNN analyst Bakari Sellers responded. “The list goes on and on. If he had a handful of advisers that are indicted or plead guilty then there would be pitchforks in front of the White House. Presidential is not something that’s associated with Donald Trump.”

“He’s going to win again in 2020,” Scaramucci shot back. “We may have to get a couch in here for some of you people.”

“You can’t rebut anything that I’ve said about being presidential,” Sellers observed.

“I actually can,” Scaramucci remarked.

“Paying off a porn star is presidential?” Sellers replied.

Scaramucci insisted that Trump “didn’t pay off a porn star.”

“His lawyer did,” Carpenter noted.

“It was paid by [Trump lawyer] Michael Cohen with Michael Cohen’s money,” Scaramucci argued.

“That’s not presidential though,” Sellers said.

“The guy is presidential because he is the president,” Scaramucci quipped.

“No, that’s not how it works,” Carpenter concluded.

Take a look at the argument in the video clip below:

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