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Paranoid Trump Officials Fear Colleagues May Be Wired To Spy For Mueller: Report


Paranoid Trump Officials Fear Colleagues May Be Wired To Spy For Mueller: Report

The expanding Trump-Russia investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has created significant internal tensions within the Trump White House. In fact, the mood in the Trump administration has taken a turn toward out-and-out paranoia.

White House officials are reportedly afraid that their colleagues may be wearing wires to help special prosecutor Robert Mueller gather evidence against them, The New York Times reports.

“The uncertainty has grown to the point that White House officials privately express fear that colleagues may be wearing a wire to surreptitiously record conversations for Mr. Mueller,” one source told the paper.

One key battle playing out right now is between White House counsel Robert McGahn and Trump attorney Ty Cobb, who are clashing over how much to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The suspicion within the legal team seemed evident in the lunch conversation Mr. Cobb had last week with Mr. Dowd at BLT Steak, not far from the White House and a few doors down from The Times’s office. A reporter who happened to be at the next table heard Mr. Cobb describing varying views of how to respond to Mr. Mueller’s requests for documents.

“The White House counsel’s office is being very conservative with this stuff,” Mr. Cobb told Mr. Dowd.

Mr. Cobb expressed concern about another White House lawyer he did not name. “I’ve got some reservations about one of them,” Mr. Cobb said. “I think he’s like a McGahn spy.”

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