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Evangelical Pastor Busted For Assaulting Hispanic Teen While Impersonating a Cop

A Pastor in southern Minnesota was arrested and is facing charges after he followed two Hispanic teens out of a store and assaulted one of the with pepper-spray and a baton after identifying himself as a cop.

Fifty-five-year-old Keith Douglas Haskell, a self-described Trump supporter, is the pastor at the Bridges of Hope Community Church, CBS affiliate WCCO reports. He is now facing five counts of misdemeanor fifth-degree assault as well as charges of impersonating a policeman.

One of the victims, Abraam Rodriguez, explained that he and his cousin went to a store. He admitted that the two of them stole approximately $10 in snacks and were then followed by Haskell out the door.

According to the police report, Haskell confronted the teens after he followed them in their car then identified himself as a police officer.

“He’s like, ‘Put your hands up, put your hands up, I’m a cop. I need you to get out the vehicle,’” Rodriguez said, adding that Haskell tried to physically pull his cousin out of the car, setting off a scuffle that led to the pastor using pepper-spray.

“I thought he was a police officer, that’s why I didn’t do anything,” Rodriguez said. “I’m not going to not follow orders of a cop.”

According to the police report, Rodriguez claimed Haskell took his car keys from him and tried to take his cell phone away as he was calling his mother for help

Rodriguez’s mother said she came out and observed Haskell pinning her son up against the SUV, with Haskell admitting he was holding a baton at the time.

“I was actually pretty scared because if he was a cop and you see all those videos of cops, police brutality and stuff,” Rodriguez said.

Despite overwhelming evidence against him, Haskell’s attorney, Chris Ritt, claimed his client was the real victim.

“The police investigation is absurd. My client was the victim. We will fight these allegations in the courts.”

Haskell is due in court on November 30, according to the report.

Watch the video report below via WCCO:

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