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‘Your Pattern Of False Statements Is Your Swamp’: Fox’s Cavuto Calls Trump a Liar In Scorching Takedown


‘Your Pattern Of False Statements Is Your Swamp’: Fox’s Cavuto Calls Trump a Liar In Scorching Takedown

Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Thursday delivered a scorching rebuke of President Donald Trump’s “pattern of lies,” calling the president’s habit of making false statements his “swamp.”

“Let me be clear, Mr. President. How can you drain the swamp if you’re the one that keeps muddying the waters? You didn’t know about the $130,000 payment to a porn star until you did,” Cavuto said.

“You said you knew nothing about your lawyer Michael Cohen handling this, until acknowledging today you were the guy behind the retainer payment that took care of this,” he continued. “You insist that money from the campaign or campaign contributions played no role in this transaction. Of that you’re sure. The thing is, not 24 hours ago, sir, you couldn’t recall any of this. And you seemed very sure.”

“I’m not saying you’re a liar,” Cavuto added. “You’re a president, you’re busy. I’m having a devil of a time figuring out which news is fake. Let’s just say that your own words on lots of stuff gave me lots of pause.”

The Fox host then ran through a long list of claims that Trump has made that have later been proven to be false or were inaccurate or unsubstantiated in the first place.

Among the items were Trump’s claims that Russians didn’t interfere in the 2016 election, that the new GOP tax law would cost him a “fortune” and that he had signed more bills at that point of his presidency than any of his predecessors.

“None of this makes what you say fake. Just calling out the press for being so, a bit of a stretch,” Cavuto said.

“But more oftentimes they’re using your own words to bash you. Your base probably might not care. But you should,” he continued. “I guess you’re too busy draining the swamp to ever stop and smell the stink you’re creating. That’s your doing. That’s your stink, Mr. President, that’s your swamp.”

Cavuto’s remarks came one day after Rudy Giuliani, a member of Trump’s personal legal team, revealed on Fox News that Trump had reimbursed his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen for a payment to Daniels despite Trump previously denying knowing about the payment.


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