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Paul Ryan Claims Midterm Loss Was A ‘Historic’ Win For GOP, Historians Rip Him To Shreds

Republicans loss major seats in the House of Representatives earlier this month after multiple Democrats won their elections. But the current House Speaker claimed that this was actually a win for Republicans when it comes to history.

Ryan told The Washington Post on Thursday night that: “I think history is going to be very good to this majority.”

But his claims were quickly shut down by historians.

Kevin Kruse, a historian who has made a name for himself by debunking conservative lies on Twitter, was clear:

Others agreed. Abigail Pfeiffer, the executive director at the Vietnam War Digital History Project, said, “As a historian, I can tell you that you are incredibly wrong. You and McConnell will go down in the history books as tools of trumpism.”

“I’m a historian,” said Susan Sutton. “No, we won’t be good to your majority. We genuine historians tell the unvarnished truth. Propagandists may be ‘good’ to you.”

Dirk Breiding added: “Take it from a historian: no, history won’t. Where normal people have a spine, guts, & balls [Paul Ryan] only has delusion.”

Conservative columnist for the Washington Post Jennifer Rubin also called out Ryan and said that he’s on the wrong side of history.

“Oddly, he posits that the tax plan will be the main reason for the anticipated rave reviews, although he also says a major regret was the debt, which the tax cuts expanded. Umm, that’s the best part of his legacy?” she wrote.

She continued: “He also regrets not achieving immigration reform, but it was he and his fellow Republicans who refused to take up the Gang of Eight bill that passed the Senate overwhelmingly in 2013 and it was Ryan who would not put on the floor a bipartisan compromise on the ‘dreamers’ that would have passed the House. So maybe we should regret Ryan’s tenure in Congress.”

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