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Paul Ryan’s Job Is Suddenly In Jeopardy As 6 More House Races Move Toward Democrats

Earlier this week, House Republicans passed massive tax cuts for the rich/Obamacare repeal bill and erupted in cheers following the vote. They were cheering because they have convinced themselves that passing a tax cut is their key to holding on to the House Majority, despite the fact that voters disapprove of the tax cut bill by more than a 2-1 margin.

But while Republicans ignore reality and indulge themselves in their fantasies of trickle-down economics, Democrats are building immense momentum heading toward the 2018 midterm elections.

Anything can happen between now and Election Day 2018, but there is a noticeable shift in the country.

Paul Ryan has become the most unpopular Speaker of the House in modern U.S. history, and his inability to get anything done has enraged Trump voters, while his refusal to challenge the president has mobilized the left against him.

Yes, Speaker Ryan could soon be out of a job, as an enraged country is ready to take out their anger on him and his Republican allies in Congress.

Just yesterday, The Cook Political Report updated their ratings of seven House races with six of them moving toward Democrats.

The changing House ratings are a reflection of the direction that the country is going in, and Ryan could soon be gone.

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