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Pelosi Drops The Hammer On Trump After He Attacked Her On Twitter: ‘Trump Is Too Afraid’


Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday to attack House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and call impeachment the “most unfair witch-hunt in history.”

Trump tweeted saying:

“‘We demand fairness’ shouts Pelosi and the Do Nothing Democrats, yet the Dems in the House wouldn’t let us have 1 witness, no lawyers or even ask questions. It was the most unfair witch-hunt in the history of Congress!”

Just a couple of hours after Trump’s tweet, Pelosi decided to fire back at the president.

Pelosi responded: “In the Clinton impeachment process, 66 witnesses were allowed to testify including 3 in the Senate trial, and 90,000 pages of documents were turned over. Trump was too afraid to let any of his top aides testify & covered up every single document. The Senate must #EndTheCoverUp”

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