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Mike Pence On Coronavirus: There Will Be More Cases But We Have It Under Control


Mike Pence On Coronavirus: There Will Be More Cases But We Have It Under Control

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet The Press” for an interview broadcast Sunday, Vice President Pence said the Trump administration has the coronavirus crisis “under control” while admitting that “there’s no question” there will be more cases of the virus in the U.S.”

Pence said that his assessment was based on “the confidence of all of our health experts who are widely regarded as the best in the world.”

He also stressed that the “vast majority” of the Americans who contract the virus “will be treated [and] they will recover.”

Host Chuck Todd, however, said that the fact that one person out of every 22 people to contract the disease worldwide has died is “not reassuring.”

Pence responded by praising President Trump, saying “we’d be in a very different place” if Trump did not suspend travel from China.

“The president has made it clear that this is a whole-of-government approach,” he said. “And I’m very confident we’re ready, and I know, and I know that we’ll get through this.”

Pence also suggested the administration would defer to local governments on decisions such as school closures.

Pence comments came as Health officials have announced four cases of unknown origin on the west coast. Experts have expressed concerns that lack of testing infrastructure could be allowing the virus to spread undetected.

Watch a portion of the interview below.

The number of coronavirus cases in the US stood at 71 early Sunday, according to the Center for Disease Control officials.

One of those patients, a middle-aged man in his 50s, died overnight Friday, becoming the first reported fatality on US soil.

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