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Pence Demands Americans And Lawmakers To Blindly Trust Trump’s Decision To Kill Soleimani: Watch


The Trump administration has decided to keep secret the reasons behind Donald Trump’s decision to give the green light to assassinate Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Instead of telling its citizens and lawmakers the reasoning behind the assassination, Vice President Mike Pence told Americans to blindly trust him and Trump.

Speaking with NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie on “Today” Pence replied to her questioning why the administration was refusing to deliver to Congress its justification for killing Soleimani.

“Well some of that has to do with what’s called ‘sources and methods,’ Savannah,” Pence said, condescendingly.

Conveniently, Pence insisted that “some of the most compelling evidence that Qassem Soleimani was preparing an imminent attack against American forces and American personnel also represents some of the most sensitive intelligence that we have. It could compromise those sources and methods,” Pence said, justifying why the Trump administration is refusing to comply with its obligation to at least brief the Gang of Eight.

Pence went on to say, “I can assure your viewers that those of us that saw all the evidence in real time, know that President Trump made the right decision to take Qassem Soleimani off the battlefield.”

Guthrie went on to ask Pence about Republican Senator Mike Lee’s reaction to a briefing on Iran, which he called “un-American and unconstitutional.”

Guthrie asked: “Mike Lee said Soleimani briefing was worst he ever heard. Why can’t you share more info in a classified setting?”

“Some of it has to do w/ sources & methods,” Pence said. “I can assure your viewers that those of us who saw evidence in real-time know POTUS made the right decision.”

The Vice President made the same argument on Fox News.

“Let me assure your viewers I was there every step of the way,” Pence told “Fox & Friends.”

“To protect sources and methods we’re simply not able to share with every member of the House and Senate the intelligence that supported the President’s decision to take out Qassem Soleimani,” Pence said, echoing his comments on “Today.”

“I can assure your viewers that there was a threat of an imminent attack.”

“The most compelling evidence to support intelligence to support the fact that there was an imminent attack being developed by Qassem Soleimani is frankly too sensitive to share broadly – it would compromise what we call ‘sources and methods,’” Pence again insisted.

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