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Perfect Storm: Dems Win The House, Will Go After Trump’s Taxes As Mueller Gears Up To Reveal Findings On Russia Probe

Democrats will win control of the House in Tuesday’s critical midterm elections. Democrats have so far picked up a handful of Republican-held House seats in including against some battle-tested incumbents.

But the Democrats’ hopes for a tidal wave to rebuke President Donald Trump have been tempered by early returns, Polls that have closed in most states, including Indiana and Tennesse, where Republicans won two key Senate contests to secure their control of the upper Chamber.

However, Democrats have reason to celebrate.

“This is not going to be the wave election that people like me hoped for, but it could still be a good election,” Democratic strategist James Carville said on MSNBC.

A senior Democrat told MSNBC tonight that they plan to use Congress’ vast oversight authority against the White House, go after Donald Trump’s taxes, and could even vote to impeach the president.

The news comes as Special Counsel Robert Mueller gears up to present his findings of the Russia investigation to Congress.

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