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Petition To Impeach Trump Surpasses 1 Million Signatures: Report

A petition to impeach President Donal Trump has collected over one million signatures after billionaire activist Tom Steyer posted an ad calling for Trump’s impeachment. The ad quickly went viral on social media and was even noticed by the president.

Steyer strategically placed his ad during “Fox & Friends” which appeared to prompt a Tweet from the president. The petition has been signed 1,119,720 times as of yesterday, Axios reported Tuesday.

Steyer argues that Trump has met “the standard for impeachment” long ago, between obstruction of justice claims and questions about violating the emoluments clause. But after today, he says, “the Mueller indictments put us in a place where impeachment is firmly on the table … from now on, every conversation about the administration has to include when he’s going to be impeached.”

Steyer began calling for impeachment earlier this month, writing letters to Democrats on Capitol Hill and to mayors and governors nationwide. In those letters, he calls on officials to publicize their stances on impeaching Trump, saying they “have a duty to speak out.”

In the viral ad, Steyer slamming Trump’s actions on health care, immigration and the environment. The campaign included a television ad that ran during “Fox and Friends,” a show the president is known to watch often.

Trump responded to Steyer’s calls for impeachment on Twitter, calling him “wacky” and “unhinged.”

Watch the ad and rump’s response below:

You can sign the petition here.

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