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Phil Donahue Just Pin Pointed The Dangers Of The Trump Presidency. Talks Chances Of Impeachment

Phil Donahue made an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Saturday morning where he had a one-on-one with Joy Reid. The two talked about an interview Donahue had with Donald Trump back in 1987.

Reid asked Donahue if he saw a potential future president during those interviews.

“Are you serious?” Donahue replied, with a laugh. “Not in a million years.”

“I thought he was a hot dog,” he said. “He collected celebrities and made a lot of noise and got his name on a lot of buildings.”

Donahue went on to express his feelings about the Trump presidency, saying that “this is the darkest political moment in American history.”

“He can shoot a gun down fifth avenue, right?” Donahue reminded, of the President’s boast. “All of a sudden we got a crotch-grabber for a President.”

The longtime television legend went on to speak about the possibilities of Trump’s impeachment.

“I think he’s Elvis, I don’t think they will tolerate – many of the base – will not tolerate criticism of him,” Phil Donahue told Joy Ann Reid on MSNBC Saturday. “Honestly, I don’t think he can be impeached right now.”

“I think it’s too dangerous for a member of Congress to vote for impeachment and upset a significant number of his own constituency,” Donahue explained. “It’s a third rail he could risk his own re-election.”

“The Phil Donahue Show” ran in syndication for 29 years, with nearly 7,000 episodes.

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