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Police Charge Black Woman With Obstruction Of Traffic After She Was Run Over And Dragged Across The Road By Racist Driver

Breeja Wilkins, 21, experienced a hate crime this week when she was run over and dragged down I-95 in Prince William County in Virginia.

According to reports, Wilkins was driving down the highway when she pulled over to check on her tires after hearing a strange sound. When she pulled over, she was met by Robert T. McGee, 51, who entered the highway adjacent to Wilkins.

According to police reports, he began calling her the N-word. Afterwards, Wilkins approached the racist driver when he decided to run her over. He then drove off while her body was dragged across the road.

She was transported to the hospital immediately.

Her parents Santa Wilkins and Kevin Boston spoke at a local NAACP chapter meeting about the hate crime.

“When they did the operation, they took the skin off of her of her thighs, both of her thighs to do her whole arm. Both her hands,” Shaunta Wilkins said.

She continued: “It’s just very, very frustrating. I don’t know what else to do.”

According to reports, McGee was charged with one felony and one misdemeanor. While Wilkins ended up being charged with obstruction of traffic.

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