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Police Dashcam Video Shows Controversial Pat Down Of Female Driver — Watch:


Police Dashcam Video Shows Controversial Pat Down Of Female Driver — Watch:

A dashcam video of a controversial police pat down has been released. The footage, recorded on Campbell County PD trooper Isaiah Lloyd’s dashcam, shows the officer pulling over Patricia Wilson’s pick up for not wearing a seatbelt, and things got weird.

The officer orders Wilson to step out of the car, then asks her if she is under the influence, to which she replies: ‘No, I do not drugs, no nothing, swear to God.’

Trooper Lloyd then makes her place her hands on his car hood and bend over, during which time he pats her waistband area for around 15 seconds. After Wilson tells him she sometimes takes prescription sleeping pill Ambien, he wrongly tells her it is a narcotic before giving her field sobriety tests.

She is allowed to go on her way by Trooper Lloyd. But the officer stopped her again, with her two young children in the car, for having windows that were tinted too dark, and being “all over the road.”

Wilson said the encounter – the first of two stops by the cop that day – left her in tears.

Wilson sued Lloyd for $100,000 after claiming he had sexually harassed her and touched her inappropriately. But he was cleared of any wrongdoing on Monday after Tennessee prosecutors said he had only done his job during the August 2017 stop near Knoxville.

Tennessee’s District Attorney conceded that Lloyd had been ‘inconsistent’ but that there were no grounds to charge him.

Watch the video below:

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