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Police: Ohio Boy Who Shot Himself Inside School Had ‘8 Point Plan’ For a Massacre ‘Bigger Than Parkland’


Police: Ohio Boy Who Shot Himself Inside School Had ‘8 Point Plan’ For a Massacre ‘Bigger Than Parkland’

Authorities in Ohio have revealed chilling new details regarding the suicide of a 13-year-old boy who shot himself inside a Jackson Township middle school last week.

The boy, Keith Simons, came to school with a .22 rifle and about 80 rounds of ammunition on February 20. He hid the rifle in the leg of his pants and rode the bus to school, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

The news outlet reports that, on his phone, police found an eight-point memo discussing his plan.

“When they interview my parents and ask how they didn’t see the signs, they should know it’s not them, it’s me and it’s because of how I see the world,” he wrote. “I’d hurt and destroy something bigger but my school’s an easy target.”

The student had been inspired by the 1999 Columbine shooting, Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink said, and hoped his shooting at Jackson would inspire others after his death.

Simons wrote that he had considered shooting up his school for months but started planning in earnest after the Parkland shooting. He said the attack would be “bigger than anything this country’s ever seen” and that he “will never be forgotten.”

“I’ll look into those scared little britches’ [sic] eyes before I kill them,” he wrote. “Now I’ll have followers because I’m so awesome… I know someone will follow me just like I followed [the Columbine shooters]. … They say school shootings are horrible but they don’t think like us, like me and [the Columbine shooters]… it’s going to be so mutch [sic] fun. They won’t expect a thing.”

Rather than shoot anyone else, Simons went into the bathroom and shot himself. He was alive when paramedics arrived and later died at the hospital.

“We seriously don’t know what made him change his mind [about killing others],” Brink said. “But we thank God every day, whatever changed his mind, changed his mind.”

Keith’s suicide occurred amid a flurry of rumors and threats at schools across Greater Akron and the country after the Florida school shooting.

Yet it appears no one suspected true danger lurked at Jackson’s middle school until Keith Simons pulled a trigger.

Simons’ funeral is Saturday, according to the report.

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