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POLITIFACT Just Released Information About Wikileaks That Trump Doesn’t Want You To Know

In an NBC interview this past weekend, former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, talked about how Wikileaks acted more like a rapid response PAC than a media outlet during the election.

Oddly enough, it turns out that the Podesta emails were released by Wikileaks only an hour after the Access Hollywood tape, which contained obvious evidence of Donald Trump objectifying women and gloating about his sexual assaults, fell into media hands.

John Podesta’s description of the event were proven True by Politifact, based upon the following two tweets, which exposed the two most talked about scandals of the 2016 election:


Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman described the events of Oct. 7, 2016, during a post-election interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, we had to rewind the clock. On Oct. 7, the Access Hollywood tape comes out. One hour later, WikiLeaks starts dropping my emails,” Podesta told Chuck Todd on Dec. 18, 2016. “One could say that those things might not have been a coincidence.”

We authenticated the time of each tweet using the Twitter source code and this very helpful blog post. We obviously cannot assess if the two events were connected, as Podesta suggested, but on the timeline he’s right on

It just all seems a little odd, and Podesta had a really good point, noting the coincidence of Wikileaks releasing the emails just minutes after the Trump Tapes came out.

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