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PolitiFact Just Revealed What % Of Trump’s Statements Are False


PolitiFact Just Revealed What % Of Trump’s Statements Are False

As we have reported before, when it comes to the art of lying, no one can match Donald Trump. I mean, this guy don’t discriminate. Whether the lie is big or small, stupid or smart, easy or hard, president Trump will go to all lengths to prevent telling the truth, even when telling a lie is far more damaging than whatever he’s trying to cover up.

On Sunday, the Editor of PolitiFact, Angie Holan, appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources to tackle Trump’s endless barrage of inaccurate statements.

“Trump’s track record has not improved. He’s still on our scale earning about 70% of mostly false, false, or pants on fire,” she said.

Now, let that fact sink in for a moment… That is the leader of the free world, on record as lying 70% of the time.

“I think fact-checking works from the point of view of citizens being informed,” Holan continued about the importance of fact checking in general. “Democracy doesn’t work without an informed electorate.”

During the presidential campaign, a mind-boggling 9% of what Trump said was rated true or mostly true, positioning him dead last in a list of all Republicans running for president.

As Trump continues to wreak havoc on the integrity of the office of the presidency, fact checking is now more important than ever. If Trump’s lies continue to get exposed and the American electorate stays duly informed, we will expedite the end of Trump’s dangerous presidency.

Watch the CNN segment with Angie Holan in the video below:

Trump’s lies are truly unprecedented in American history.

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