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Poll: Most Trump Supporters Say Colleges And Universities Are Bad For The US


Poll: Most Trump Supporters Say Colleges And Universities Are Bad For The US

A newly released poll conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed that 58 percent of Republicans think colleges and universities have a negative effect on the U.S. and hurt the country. Just 36 percent of Republicans think Colleges have a positive effect.

In contrast, a large majority of Democrats, 72 percent, say colleges, universities, and education as a whole have a positive effect on the country.

That explains why Donald Trump boasted that he chose to run as Republican because he loves “uneducated people.”

The poll also found sharp partisan divides regarding the national news media and labor unions.

Just 10 percent of Republicans think the national news media has a positive effect on the country and 85 percent think it hurts the country.

Amon Democrats, forty-four percent of Democrats feel the free press helps the U.S and promotes democracy, compared to 46 percent of Democrats who think it has a negative effect.

Fifty-nine percent of Democrats think labor unions have a positive effect, compared to just 33 percent of Republicans who feel the same way.

There you have it. This poll explains why the US, despite its wealth and resources, remains one of the most ignorant countries on earth.

A politician like Trump – who boast about groping women and flaunts his and lack of experience in politics and the military as an asset – appeals greatly to voters who lack education. For them, any liar who claims business success is good enough to be president, regardless of temperament or qualifications.

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