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JUST IN: New Poll Shows Darrell Issa In Real Danger Of Losing House Seat

A new survey of likely voters revealed that incumbent GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, considered one of the worst House Republicans, is in serious trouble. The poll, released on Monday, shows Democratic candidate for California’s 49th Congressional District, retired Marine Col. Doug Applegate gaining ground against Issa.

The poll, conducted by Strategies 360 shows the general election tied at 43 apiece, shocking the political world. Previous polls had given Issa just a slim 45-42 lead over Applegate.

In the same poll, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump 46-41, which should really scare the bejesus out of Republicans given that Mitt Romney won here by a 52-46 margin in 2012. That’s an 11-point swing in favor of Democrats at the top of the ticket, which, if accurate, is enormous, given that Hillary Clinton is “only” doing about 2 to 3 points better on a national basis than Barack Obama did four years ago.

Issa, who infuriated Democrats for years with his vindictive “investigations” when he chaired the House oversight committee, could fall in the Trump domino effect.

Moreover, the undecided voters in this poll are also trouble for Issa. Thirty-seven percent identify as Democrats while only 27 percent are Republicans.

Still, Issa has one huge advantage: money. Not only does he have $3.8 million in his campaign account, he’s also the richest member of Congress, with a net worth of at least $250 million. Nevertheless, he’s is in a vulnerable position.

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