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POLL: Who Had A Better First Week In Office, Obama Or Trump?


POLL: Who Had A Better First Week In Office, Obama Or Trump?

How does Donald Trump’s first week compare to Obama’s first week in office. Without a doubt this week has been one filled with controversies and a lot of criticism. But that doesn’t come without actions from Trump to cause those critics to speak.

Let’s take a look at what Donald Trump has done this week:

-Signed an executive order to undo some of his predecessor’s hard work on Obamacare. This will ultimately cause millions of Americans to lose their healthcare since they have yet to come up with an alternative to the Affordable Care Act(ACA)

-Signed an executive order in a room full of men that will take away funding for overseas groups that provide abortions. This could cause women to do self-abortions, which are extremely dangerous and life-threatening.

-He gave the go-ahead to initiate the construction of the wall that will divide Mexico and the U.S. He plans to raise taxes by 20% on products coming from Mexico to help pay for that wall. That means our hard earned dollars will be paying for a wall that divides us, a wall we don’t want in the first place.

-He’s moving to reinstate legislation that would allow US authorities such as the CIA to hold terror suspects in secret overseas ‘black site’ prisons. That means he believes torture works, as he has said himself.

-He approved the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This will threaten the water supply for thousands living in Native American communities living near the Missouri River. He believes this will bring more jobs and seems to have no concern for the Native American communities living there.

-Signed an executive border that put a ban to Muslim countries from entering the United States. Keeping people away because of their religion is actually against the Constitution, but Trump doesn’t seem to care.

Over all Trump’s first week has been a disaster. He’s proven to be what everyone hoped he wouldn’t be. If he keeps taking advantage of power, we might be in a lot of trouble.

But let’s take a look at Obama’s first week:

-He called for the closure of controversial prison Guantanamo Bay. Something he reiterated in his final plan to congress. Releasing many detainees back to their home country.

-He set up a task force to review the detention of prisoners jailed in the war on terror.

-He ensured interrogations by intelligence services such as the CIA or FBI complied with US and international law. This rescinded all previous executive orders surrounding permitted use of force during interrogations.

-He also unravelled an order brought in by the Bush administration which prevented records of past presidents from being unsealed.

-He also stopped executive appointees from working as lobbyists for the five years that followed their terms.

Obama didn’t sign any executive orders during his first week to divide the country, or to torture people to get answers out of them. In fact Obama helped thousands of immigrant children and young adults when he signed DACA, which allows millions of undocumented children who came with their parents the chance to study here and be able to work here while paying taxes.

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