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New Poll Shows That Fewer And Fewer People Believe Trump’s Lies


New Poll Shows That Fewer And Fewer People Believe Trump’s Lies

New polls from Quinnipiac and Gallup strongly suggests that an increasing number of Americans just don’t believe Trump’s spin about his presidency anymore. It finds that only 34 percent of Americans think Trump keeps his promises, down from 62 percent in February, an astonishing slide of 28 points.

Of the voters surveyed by Quinnipiac, 61 percent disapproved of Trump’s job performance, with over 60 percent also saying he “is not honest,” “does not have good leadership skills” and “does not share their values.”

“It’s hard to pick what is the most alarming number in the troubling trail of new lows for President Donald Trump,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac poll.

Trump’s crumbling approval rating is worrying to Republicans. Eyeing the 2018 elections, Republicans are fretting that Trump has achieved “no major legislative victory,” which cuts against his promise to execute “beautiful” deals in Washington.

As GOP pollster Frank Luntz puts it, Trump and Republicans must post “a record of accomplishment,” because “if you don’t, no rhetoric will fix it.” Meanwhile, Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) commits full-blown heresy, warning: “We can’t blame this on Barack Obama. We have to look in the mirror.”

Some Republicans still trust the erratic president, but wonder why his deal-making ‘expertise’ has failed to produce any positive results. They admire his zeal, but are baffled by his tweets … Perhaps most forcefully, they question when they will begin to see more of that word they were promised, the outcome that voters were supposed to be “sick and tired of” by now: Winning.

What scares Republicans the most is the fact that voters are waking up to the reality that Trump has been selling false promises from day one, and is now trying to help the GOP cut the safety net (while cutting taxes on the rich), which could produce a terrible cruel outcome for the American middle class.

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