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President Macron Dismantles Trumpism And ‘The Illusion Of Nationalism’ In Stunning Speech To US Congress

In a rousing speech to US Congress Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a stunning rebuke of Trumpism, throwing not-so-subtle shade at his host while defending globalism, liberty, and science.

The French President began his speech by discussing the shared history of the United States and France and then moved into a full-throated defense of globalism and freedom.

Macron said the solution is “the opposite of deregulation and extreme nationalism.”

Throughout, he received warm applause from the assembly, including a standing ovation when he said that “the illusion of nationalism” should not be allowed to force the Western world back into the Dark Ages.

He got specific, too.

“I believe we can build the right answers,” he said, “by negotiating through the World Trade Organization… We wrote these rules, we should follow them.”

Watch the video below:

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