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President Obama Finally Spoke The Frightening Truth About Trump’s Election


President Obama Finally Spoke The Frightening Truth About Trump’s Election

During a press conference in Athens Tuesday, President Obama finally articulated the hard truth about Donald Trump’s shocking electoral college victory, issuing a warning against the “crude nationalism” incited by the President-elect, who had tapped into a “troubling” strain of rhetoric playing on Americans’ fears of globalization to win the presidency.

Obama criticized Trump for exploiting the “anger and fear” that Americans feel about globalization, which he “wrapped up in issues of ethnic identity or religious identity or cultural identity. And that can be a volatile mix.”

Sadly, while “entirely divorced from reality”, Trump will become our President, and for now, the nation must maintain a facade of support for our new misogynist-in-chief.

Time and time again, history has shown that economic anxieties exacerbated by ethno-nationalist scapegoating by populist leaders lead to discrimination and repression. If left unchecked, it leads to genocide.

The world stood by and witnessed a wad of dictators take advantage of deeply divided societies to commit unimaginable atrocities in Nazi Germany, Rwanda, Armenia, and Bosnia. Now the foundations for the newest round of ethnic cleansing is being laid across the world as far-right fascists take power in the United States and across the European Union.

While nobody is saying it’s going to happen here, we cannot ignore the warning signs emerging before our eyes. There have been over 300 hate crimes committed in the United States since Donald Trump was elected, and we as a people must be vigilant and stand up for our minority populations in the face of unrepentant racism and bigotry.

Watch president Obama’s remarks below:

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