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Trump Is Trapped By Hundreds Of Bob Woodward’s Tapes And He’s Fuming: Report

President Donald Trump is livid at the betrayal and stunning allegations in Bob Woodward’s forthcoming “Fear,” but he is even more enraged because he’s limited in his ability to fight back. The reason? The interviews were caught on hundreds of hours of tape, Axios reported Wednesday.

After the Washington Post posted excerpts on Tuesday, administration officials did little to deny specific revelations in the book, and instead spent the day speculating about Woodward’s likely sources.

The 420-page portrait is all the more damaging because many of the scenes concern foreign policy and national security — truly heavy stuff, Axios’ Mike Allen writes in his report.

He highlights one emblematic passage from Woodward’s book: “The operations of the Oval Office and White House were less the Art of the Deal and more often the Unraveling of the Deal. The unraveling was often right before your eyes, a Trump rally on continuous loop. There was no way not to look.”

One reason the White House is not disputing the facts of the book, according to Axios, is because “Woodward based the book on hundreds of hours of tapes of his interviews with current and former West Wing aides and other top administration officials.”

In one passage of the book, former White House economic adviser Gary Cohn told Trump: “You have a Norman Rockwell view of America.”
“Several times Cohn just asked the president, ‘Why do you have these views on trade?’ ‘I just do,’ Trump replied. ‘I’ve had these views for 30 years.’ ‘That doesn’t mean they’re right,’ Cohn said. ‘I had the view for 15 years I could play professional football. It doesn’t mean I was right.'”

The book’s last paragraph: “In the man and his presidency, former Trump lawyer John Dowd had seen the tragic flaw. In the political back-and-forth, the evasions, the denials, the tweeting, the obscuring, crying ‘Fake News,’ the indignation, Trump had one overriding problem that Dowd knew but could not bring himself to say to the president: ‘You’re a f@#$ing liar.'”

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