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Trump Says He Doesn’t ‘Do Twitter Storms’ – Twitter Response Is Perfect


Trump Says He Doesn’t ‘Do Twitter Storms’ – Twitter Response Is Perfect

During his rambling speech before a crowd of followers at a Phoenix rally Tuesday night, President Donald Trump made sure to deliver a very important fact: He doesn’t ‘do Twitter storms.’

“Do you notice when I go on and I’ll put out like a tweet or a couple of tweets, ‘He’s in a Twitter storm again,'” he said at a Phoenix rally Tuesday night. “I don’t do Twitter storms.”

OK, um, perhaps Trump, who can both make the world cringe and belly laugh in response to his very well-known Twitter rants, doesn’t know what a tweetstorm is? Just like he doesn’t know not to stare at the sun or what Hezbollah is?

Well, according to Merriam-Webster, a tweetstorm is just a series of tweets sent by one user. So yes, Trump, when you tap out a “couple of tweets,” you’re stormin’ it up.

With that definition in mind, one could be forgiven for thinking that early morning tweetstorms are one of Trump’s favorite hobbies. You know, like watching Fox and Friends.

Twitter users were quick to react to Trump’s absurd statement. Here are some responses:

Denying his tweet storming nature was just one of many sweeping topics Trump touched on, including, but of course, the fake media, how his Charlottesville remarks were “perfect,” how he’ll build the wall even it means a government shutdown and how he’ll indeed pardon ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio who got convicted of criminal contempt after ignoring court orders.

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