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Trump Didn’t Meet a Single Flood Victim Or Get Near a Flooded Street During Trip To Texas

On Tuesday, President Trump flew to Texas as it faced the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. I think everyone agrees that it’s a good thing for the President to meet with victims of the storm and provided them some reassurance that their government hasn’t forgotten them. But That’s not what Donald Trump did.

Instead of being worried about helping people, Trump used the occasion to pose for photo ops and boast about crowd size. In fact, as reported by Politico, “the president didn’t meet a single storm victim, see an inch of rain or get near a flooded street.”

Donald Trump went down to Texas for photo ops that made him look like a leader while not actually taking the time to meet any people hurt by the storm. The president spent far more time flying Tuesday — at least eight hours — than on the ground, where he spent about three hours. Reporters traveling with Trump saw little more than he did, often quickly whisked from rooms or away from survivors or volunteers.

Perhaps Trump should fill more government jobs related to the recovery effort. But Donald Trump doesn’t care about what the “best thing” to do is. He just cares about what makes him look like what he imagines a president should look like. And because we’re dealing with Trump’s projection of what a president should look like, we’re left with a craven photo op on dry Texas streets while people are still stranded only a few miles away.

In the video below, GQ’s Keith Olbermann explains what Trump’s trip to Texas revealed:

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