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Pro-Trump Big Pharma-Funding Billionaire ‘Has Been Pushing’ Trump To Approve Malaria Drug For COVID-19


Pro-Trump Big Pharma-Funding Billionaire ‘Has Been Pushing’ Trump To Approve Malaria Drug For COVID-19

While it is still unproven that hydroxychloroquine can be successfully used to treat COVID-19, Donald Trump has still been pushing the use of the drug. This has left many Americans wondering why Trump is dangerously promoting two old malaria drugs to fight the deadly coronavirus.

According to a new report, the reason behind Trump’s push could come from a Big Pharma-funding group that “has been pushing Trump to approve the use of hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19.”

According to Sludge, Home Depot founder and billionaire right-wing activist Bernie Marcus founded the non-profit group Job Creators Network, which is now pushing Trump to promote the unproven drug.

Marcus is a prominent supporter of Trump and even donated millions to groups which worked to get Trump elected.

Sludge reports the pharmaceutical industry has funded Marcus’ Job Creators Network, which “has been pushing” Trump “to make the drug available.”

“On March 26, Job Creators Network, a conservative dark money nonprofit, launched a petition, a series of Facebook ads, and a blast text message campaign calling on Trump to ‘cut the red tape’ and immediately make hydroxychloroquine available to treat patients,” Sludge reports.

The petition is a collaboration with the Koch Brothers funded group Physicians for Reform.

“There is clear and ever-mounting evidence that the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine can significantly help patients who contract coronavirus,” the petition states, despite the lack of rigorous clinical testing.

You can read more on the connection between Trump and Marcus HERE.

It was also reported on Monday that Trump’s former attorney had a million-dollar contract With hydroxychloroquine maker.

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