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Pro-Trump ‘Crusaders’ Under Federal Custody After Attempting To Blow Up Mosque


Pro-Trump ‘Crusaders’ Under Federal Custody After Attempting To Blow Up Mosque

A hate crime was stopped in its tracks after federal authorities arrested three Kansas men that were allegedly plotting to blow up a Muslim mosque and an apartment building predominantly occupied by Somali refugees.

The plan was caught on tape according to WRAL. The news outlet reported that one member of a Kansas militia group wore a wire while members of a splinter group of the Kansas Security Force that called itself “the Crusaders” discussed the proposed attacks on Muslims in their community.

The attack was first discussed in August of 2016, where the three men, identified as Patrick Eugene Stein, Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen, talked about ways to create homemade bombs and picking out various targets where Muslims congregated.

The attack was set to take place following the 2016 presidential election.

“Oh hell yes, you’ll have everybody in that whole complex in that prayer room, I guarantee you that,” Wright is quoted in a transcript as saying, adding that he also wanted to kill the landlord of the apartment complex, which would send a message that “any of you people rent to these motherf*ckers we’re going to start knocking you all off.”

The transcript also reveals Wright saying that he hoped the attack would “wake people up” and it would make people want to follow in their footsteps and take similar action against Muslims.

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