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Pro-Trump GOP Candidate Just Said Women Belong In The Kitchen

Courtland Sykes, a Republican, is looking to challenge Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) for a seat in the Senate.

Sykes, who has expressed his strong support for Donald Trump, is hoping to get support from Steve Bannon. The 37-year-old Arkansas native said he has met with Bannon promoting an aggressive “America first” agenda and regressive political beliefs in hopes that the former chief of staff would support him.

Sykes also expressed his old-school belief that women should be housewives and they should serve their husbands.

“Chanel (Rion), my fiancee, has given me orders to favor (women’s) rights, so I’d better,” Sykes said in an 11-page policy document. “But Chanel knows that my obedience comes with a small price that she loves to pay anyway — I want to come home to a home-cooked dinner at six every night, one that she fixes.”

“It’s exactly the kind of family dinner that I expect one day my future daughters will learn to make after they too become traditional homemakers and family wives — think Norman Rockwell here — and Gloria Steinham (sic) be damned,” he added.

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