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Pro-Trump Group Glues MAGA Hats On Pigeons – Causing One To Die – To Protest Tonight’s Democratic Debate

A pro-Trump group that goes by the satirical name of P.U.T.I.N (Pigeons United To Interfere Now) decided to glue a tiny MAGA hat on a vast number of pigeons in Las Vegas ahead of tonight’s Democratic debate.

According to the group, the move was “inspired by the 1970’s Cold War Operation, ‘Tacana’, in which the CIA explored the use of pigeons equipped with tiny cameras to spy on Soviet sites of interest.”

“The project was the result of months of exhaustive research, logistical hurdles and pigeon care taking,” read the statement.

“The release date was also coordinated to serve as a gesture of support and loyalty to President Trump, who is scheduled to arrive in Las Vegas just ahead of the Democratic Debates, for a speech scheduled at The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department headquarters,” it continued.

The group’s member spoke in anonymity to the Las Vegas Review-Journal and claimed that the glue was harmless, that it was the same glue that used for putting on eyelashes.

“It’s what women use to put around their eyes for eyelash extensions. The hats usually stay on for a day or two, depending on the bird’s movements,” a group member identifying themself as “Coo Hand Luke” told the Review-Journal. “We can also remove them ourselves as they fly back to the coop. They could be gone for a day, two days or a week, but they always come back.”

But according to one local animal rescue group who spoke with the Associated Press, at least one pigeon wearing the hat has been found dead.

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