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Pro-Trump Pastor Urges Christians To ‘Break The Law’ And Open Up Churches Right Now

Right-wing pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth, who called church leaders a “bunch of pansies” last week for cancelling services due to the coronavirus, is now saying that church leaders should be “willing to go to jail” and open up their churches during this pandemic.

“We faced the potential of the churches worldwide being shuttered,” he said. “with no people in them — on Resurrection Sunday.”

“People can say what they want, and people can do into Levitical quarantine standards that God had for people with infectious diseases,” he continued. “It’s wrong. It was wrong last Sunday to look at one live stream after another with every church in the nation empty. It’s not legal. You say, ‘Well you’re telling people to violate the law.’ No! Telling people to not go to church is in violation of the law.”

“How far are you all willing to let the government push you, and tell you that you can’t go to church? In America? (Dramatic pause) There are certain things a Christian should be willing to go to jail for.”

Take a look at his remarks below:

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