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Pro-Trump Pastor Says Coronavirus Will Stop If China ‘Repents To Jesus’

Rick Wiles, a right-wing pastor and end times broadcaster, had a message for Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Tuesday regarding the outbreak of the coronavirus.

According to Wiles, Jinping is to blame for the outbreak because his country has not given their heart to Jesus.

After blaming China’s leader, he had this to say:

“Now, do the right thing and repent and tell the Chinese people you are sorry, you made a mistake and you repent and ask them to put up in their homes the painting of Jesus Christ. Watch what happens if you do — the plague will stop. You, Mr. Xi, turn to Jesus. You, give your heart to Jesus Christ. You, repent of your sins. You, believe on his name and you lead China to the cross.”

“Do it, Mr. Xi — do it for your people. Don’t be a fool. Lead China to Jesus, lead them to salvation. The plague will stop.”

Take a look at his full remarks below:

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