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Federal Prosecutor Who Oversaw Roger Stone’s Case Just Resigned In Protest

Jessie Liu, the US attorney who oversaw Roger Stone’s prosecution has resigned, CNN reports, citing an administration official.

Liu, who previously headed the US attorney’s office in Washington, submitted her resignation to the Treasury Department, effective Wednesday evening. She went to the Treasury Department with the intention of filling a Senate-confirmed position, which is no longer available after her nomination was yanked because she ran the office that prosecuted Stone, the official said.

Liu’s resignation –paired with the mass withdrawal of the career prosecutors from Stone’s case on Tuesday– punctuated a stunning chain of developments set into motion on Monday.

Prosecutors from the DC US Attorney’s Office, who are Justice Department employees, wrote Monday in a filing that a judge should issue Stone a seven- to nine-year sentence after he was convicted on seven charges last year that came out of Mueller’s investigation, including lying to Congress and witness tampering.

Top Justice Department officials later overruled that recommendation after Trump complained publicly on Twitter.

Liu was nominated in December to serve as the Treasury Department’s under secretary for terrorism and financial crimes. Previously she headed the US attorney’s office that oversaw the prosecution and conviction of Trump’s longtime political adviser until Attorney General William Barr replaced her last month. She also led the team that worked on the sentencing of former Trump deputy campaign manager Rick Gates.

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