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Pruitt Left EPA, But His Replacement Might Be Even Worse. Here Are 6 Terrifying Things To Know About Andrew Wheeler:

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to announce that EPA head Scott Pruitt had resigned from his post, leaving the position open for Andrew Wheeler to take over.

Trump tweeted:

But who is Andrew Wheeler, and is he going to be working to help the environment?

RawStory shared six terrifying facts about Wheeler that suggest he’ll do the exact opposite:

1. His last gig was as a coal industry lobbyist. Wheeler worked for Murray Energy Corporation—the largest coal mining company in America. Wheeler must have been good at his job promoting big coal interests, netting close to $3 million for the gig.

2. Murray Energy’s CEO, who doesn’t believe in climate science, worked hard to stall the Obama administration’s efforts to pass environmental protections.

3. Wheeler formally worked for James Inhofe, pre-eminent climate change denier, according to DeSmog blog.

4. While Wheeler worked for Murray Energy, the company was forced to pay millions in fines for contaminating water in three states with coal slurry, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

5. Prior to his nomination, Wheeler hosted fundraisers for Senators in order to evaluate his chance of getting the post.

6. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, Wheeler presents a dire threat to mitigating the negative effects of climate change. “Unlike Pruitt, Wheeler worked for the EPA early in his career and has played key roles in Congressional oversight of the agency and its budget, making him a formidable opponent with intimate knowledge of the agency’s programs and regulations,” they wrote.

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