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‘Putin’s America’: Russian State Media Makes a Mockery Of Trump’s ‘Pitiful’ 4th Of July Event

Reporters with Russian state-run media are mocking the military hardware featured in President Trump’s “Salute to America” Fourth of July celebration earlier this week, with some joking about the quality of the equipment and others blasting the spectacle as something you would see under “Putin’s America.”

During a broadcast of Russian television show “60 minutes,” which airs on the state-owned Russian television channel, Rossiya 1, journalists mocked the military equipment in footage of the hardware captured in Washington earlier this week, The Washington Post reports.

In a video from the program, the journalists joked about the “paint peeling off” and some of the features they said had been had been “glued on with adhesive tape” to some of the military vehicles.

“The paint on these vehicles is peeling off. There are no cannons, and their optics have been glued on with adhesive tape,” co-host Olga Skabeyeva claimed during the program.

“Americans are allowed to hold a parade because theirs is democratic, but we are not allowed because ours is chauvinistic,” Skabeyeva also said.

In a tweet featuring footage of some of the military equipment arriving in Washington, D.C., Skabeyeva wrote in Russian with a “laughing” emoji: “Tanks in the streets of Washington, Trump is preparing for the parade. Putin’s America.”

Yevgeny Popov, a co-host on the Russian program, also mocked the equipment, saying sarcastically: “The greatest parade of all times is going to be held today in Washington, that is what our Donald Trump has said. The American president announced he would show us the newest tanks.”

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