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‘You Should Quit That Boring Job’: Kimmel Torches Trump For Targeting Late Night Hosts

As Political Dig reported earlier, President Donald Trump started his weekend off by launching a flurry of tweets attacking late-night hosts for their “unfunny jokes” about him and a demand for “equal time.” He also accused late-night comedy show hosts of being in cahoots with Democrats.

It was probably only a matter of time for one of the hosts Trump was targeting to respond. Enter ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel.

Following Kimmel’s offer of his late-night spot to Trump should he resign from the White House, one of the president’s sons responded to Kimmel, asking him to respond to the Harvey Weinstein bombshell, leading the ABC host to send out the following tweet:

But Trump Jr. wasn’t done yet and shot back that he was looking forward to Kimmel’s monologues next week about Weinstein, leaving the door open for Kimmel to send this out:

Big mistake, Don Jr. You kinda walked into that landmine.

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