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Rachel Brand’s Departure Could Mean ‘Massive Criminal Obstruction’ Case Against Trump


Rachel Brand’s Departure Could Mean ‘Massive Criminal Obstruction’ Case Against Trump

On Friday, the third-ranking official of the Justice Department, Rachel Brand, called it quits amid Donald Trump’s attack on the DOJ. According to experts, that could signal that massive criminal obstruction of justice could be coming from Trump.

During an on-air discussion with MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Julian Epstein said:

“I think it’s very safe speculation that she feels the low morale. I don’t think there’s much question about that. Almost everybody that has been there, she’s been there in three different administrations. Everybody that has succeeded from previous administrations I think feels that. But I think, more importantly, I have never known an associate attorney general when it’s possible that a deputy attorney general position, the number two position might be opening up. I have never known a number three associate attorney general to leave in that situation, unless — well, I have never known that, so it’s a reasonable — it’s reasonable to speculate that she does not want to be in the position of a hatchet man over a hatchet woman over what could be a massive criminal conspiracy of obstruction. Which a lot of people think is kind of what’s in the works, the handwriting is on the wall, of course, it’s speculation, but it’s reasonable speculation.”

Watch the discussion in the video below:

It’s been reported that Trump has been wanting to fire Rosenstein, which would have left Brand in charge of the special counsel. If that was the case, Trump’s next probable move would have been to ask Brand to fire Robert Mueller.

It’s possible Brand wanted nothing to do with helping Trump engage in a massive obstruction of justice, which caused her to resign.

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