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Racism 101: Trump Calls Fox News Every Day For Advice On How To Attack Immigrants

Donald Trump has been known for his harsh policies on immigration. He might even be famously known around the world for wanting to build a wall along the southern U.S. border to keep immigrants out.

But where does Trump get his outrageous xenophobic ideas?

A new report revealed on Saturday that Trump calls Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs, who has a history of xenophobia and racism, to get his ideas on immigration policies.

According to a report in The Washington Post, Dobbs frequently advises the President.

“The Dobbs-Trump mind” as they term it means that Dobbs has more access to the President that most official advisors and government entities.

“Day by day, the relationship between the bombastic president and the cranky anchorman has become an object of curiosity and amusement. But it is also something much more profound,” the Washington Post writes.

According to the Post, Dobbs is responsible for helping craft some of Trump’s most extreme policies at the border.

“I respect his commentary — I would say, based not on my talking to him but my listening, that he feels very strongly about strength at the border, and so do I,” Trump told The Post.

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