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Racist Cop Brutally Attacks Black Man, Will Only Get 24-Hour Suspension As Punishment

Earlier this year, Columus police officer Zachary Rosen was put under investigation after being caught on video kicking a man in the head. Multiple Ohio officials have suggested putting Rosen on a one-day suspension.

The video footage captures Rosen running off-screen to kick detainee Demarko Anderson, who was complying with other officers while being handcuffed.

Anderson kept asking the officials why they were being so aggressive with him, that’s when Rosen came in and brutally kicked him.

Off-camera you can hear people saying, “that’s not right,” and “oh my god!”

According to the Columbus Police Department, Chief of Police Kim Jacobs suggested putting Rosen on a 24-hour suspension.

But Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther pointed out that the Director of Public Safety will make the final decision on whether to uphold the suspension, fire Rosen or choose another outcome.

“While the Chief of Police has made a recommendation for discipline in the use of force case involving Officer Rosen, the Director of Public Safety will make the final decision under the current FOP contract,” Ginther said. “I have every expectation the Public Safety Director will discipline Officer Rosen in a manner that holds him accountable for his actions, and I expect the final decision to be made as quickly as possible.”

You can watch the brutal action below:

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