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Watch: Seattle Racist Threatens To ‘Bury’ People Of Color, Gets Instant Justice

A man who was caught on video screaming racist commentary at passersby was arrested in Seattle this weekend, reports.

According to the publication, University of Washington photographer and advisor Keoke Silvano was headed home when he exited the Beacon Hill station and heard the white man yelling at an African-American man.

“My people are going to bury you,” the racist man said. “We built these streets! White men built these streets!” He also frequently shouted the N-word.

“It was just an ugly word and he was just using it to arm himself against someone that I felt was defenseless and couldn’t protect himself,” Silvano recalled.

Seattle police confirm the man was arrested and booked into King County Jail on a harassment charge. The judge in the case said that the man has not been evaluated for mental illness.

Seattle police have confirmed the man was arrested Friday afternoon and booked into King County Jail for misdemeanor harassment.

Watch the video below:

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