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White Texas Election Official Fires Of Racist Attack On Black Voter: ‘If I Wore My Blackface, You’d Understand’

Rolanda Anthony, a Houston, Texas, resident went to a polling station on Tuesday to practice her right to vote only to be met by a racist election official.

Anthony took to Facebook to share her discrimination story.

According to the Houston Chronicle, when Anthony arrived at her polling place at a church in north Houston worker said there was a “problem” with her address, so she was told to fill out a form that would fix it.

That’s when assistant election judge Juanita Barnes ran over to claim that what she was doing was illegal. The argument then escalated and Barnes, who is white, told Anthony, “If I were to wear my blackface make up, maybe you would understand what I’m telling you.”

Anthony then proceeded to walk away from the argument, but Barnes wouldn’t leave her alone. Anthony then threatened to call the police only to be racially attacked again by Barnes who said that if she called the police she would be arrested because she’s black.

It’s unclear if the poll worker will be removed given the misleading information spread. No one knows how many people were wrongly told to change their addresses.

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