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Racist Trump Supporters Leave Teens ‘Drenched In Blood’ After Brutally Attacking Them At Ohio Waffle House

In what has been described as a racially motivated attack, two Ohio teenagers were viciously beaten by two supporters of Donald Trump at a local Waffle House leaving them “drenched in blood,” according to Bloomington News.

According to the report, Jacob Dick, 22, and Zachary Keller, 21, were arrested on March 31 at a Waffle House in Bowling Green.

The Bowling Green Police released a statement saying the two assailants were charged with assault and ethnic intimidation.

“As soon as we walked into the Waffle House, they started saying ‘here come the s—-.’ And telling us how Trump was going to take care of us immigrants,” said Justin Hartford, one of the victims of the attack. He claims they uttered the N-word over and over.

“We weren’t saying anything to them. That’s the craziest thing,” Hartford claimed. “It was based on just the way we looked. That is so messed up – who cares what anybody looks like.”

Bloomington News also spoke with multiple witnesses at the scene who claimed the attack went down just as the teens described it.

Zarrick Ramirez, the other victim, claimed that “he was drenched in blood” when the attack ended.

“I’ve never been hated on like that,” Ramirez added.

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