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‘Racists Think He’s Racist’: Fox Guest Pummels Trump For Encouraging White Supremacy

During a segment on Fox News’s “Outnumbered,” political commentator Tyrus called out Donald Trump for not doing anything to discourage racism.

A panel was discussing Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ (D-NY) recent statement calling Trump the “grand wizard” at the White House. The panel agreed that those comments went too far but Tyrus said that Jeffries made a good point.

“I think President Trump needs to be better on racial things, 100 percent,” Tyrus said. “I would have liked him to come out and say something about Steve King’s racist comments, it would be a great thing if he had said something. And it bothers me.”

He then went on to say that the “Make America Great Again” slogan was used before, but now many Americans use it as an excuse to “Make America White Again.”

“It was used before, Ronald Reagan used it before,” Tyrus noted. “It was about railing America and making it great. Unfortunately, I would say 10 percent of the population that voted for President Trump has a different view. They have embraced it as ‘Make America White Again.’ Unfortunately, due to the particular group that takes something that was used about galvanizing America has turned it into something ugly.”

The other Fox News pundits, all of which were white, said that it was unfair to attack Trump.

“I disagree with you. The words are strong. I think they were inappropriate,” Tyrus said of Jeffries. “But you have to call him out on some things. Just keeping it real. Sometimes it’s hard to defend supporting the White House when things happen when he needs to speak and be a leader for everybody. I don’t think he always does that.”

Take a look at the discussion below:

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