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Rand Paul Says Whistleblower Is Obligated To Reveal Themselves Because ‘It’s In The Constitution’


Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) tried to claim this week that the whistleblower has to reveal him or herself to Donald Trump because “it is in the Constitution.”

Paul participated in Trump’s rally on Monday night in Kentucky, where he urged the media to reveal the whistleblower’s name. Just a day after, Paul told Fox Business that the 6th Amendment keeps the whistleblower from remaining anonymous.

“Well the Sixth Amendment is pretty clear,” Paul told Fox Business host Stuart Varney on Tuesday. “It is part of the Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights.”

“It says you get to confront your accusers,” he added. “So I think it is very clear the only constitutional mandate here, if someone will accuse you of something that might remove the president from office, for goodness sakes shouldn’t they come forward to present their accusations in person?”

Legal experts, however, say that the right to face one’s accuser only applies in criminal cases.

Paul’s remarks were also shut down by Twitter users:

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