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‘Red Alert’: Trump May Fire Robert Mueller Soon, The Hill Journalist Warns


‘Red Alert’: Trump May Fire Robert Mueller Soon, The Hill Journalist Warns

President Trump “will soon fire Robert Mueller, using the upcoming report of the Justice Department inspector general as a pretext to fire Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein, which would pave the way to fire Robert Mueller, which would guarantee the most extreme constitutional crisis in American history,” warns reporter Brent Budowsky.

In a new article titled “Red Alert”, published by The Hill,  Budowsky points out that “Trump’s repeated hostile and aggressive attacks against the leaders and institutions that protect and enforce justice and law enforcement in America are unprecedented in the history of our republic.

The writer also urges Democratic leaders to vow that if Democrats regain control of the House, the House Intelligence Committee will be composed of members equally divided between the parties.

From The Hill:

“[Democrats] should vow that the chairmanship rotates between the parties no matter which party controls the House and will never again be treated like a partisan political farce in a banana republic state — the way it is being treated today by committee Republicans and Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.).

With an 85-percent probability, I now believe that President Trump will never agree to be questioned by Mueller and his special counsel team. The fast-moving time schedule to resolve whether Trump does or does not agree to be questioned by Mueller will be a precipitating event for Trump firing Mueller if indeed this occurs.

I assign a probability to these warnings because they may not be proven correct. However, because there is a significant prospect they are, and because the consequences for America would be so dangerous and dramatic if they are, it is time to issue a warning in the strongest possible terms that a great constitutional crisis may be imminent for the republic.”

He continues:

“There is now a clear and present danger that Trump fires Mueller. It is urgent that Republicans join Democrats in passing the bipartisan legislation that would prevent this, before it is too late.

If Republicans refuse to support this measure, they will pay a major price at the polls in midterm elections. More importantly, the nation will pay a heavy price for these continued attacks against the rule of law in America.”

You can read the entire piece here.

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