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Referee Told Jim Jordan About Ohio State Sex Abuse, He Responded ‘Yeah, Yeah, We Know’ And Kept It Quiet


New revelations from the Ohio State sex scandal just put Republican Congressman Jim Jordan in the middle of it.

According to a lawsuit filed Thursday, a referee identified as John Doe 42 said that disgraced doctor Richard Strauss masturbated in front of him in a shower after a wrestling match at Ohio State University and that he reported the encounter directly to Jordan, who was then the assistant coach.

According to the lawsuit, Jordan shrugged it off saying, “Yeah, that’s Strauss.”

John Doe 42 marks the second person who publicly claims that Jordan knew about the sexual abuse at Ohio State.

Jordan, who has been a prominent defender of Donald Trump, has constantly denied having have had any knowledge of the attacks.

John Doe 42 said that when he informed Jordan and then-head coach Russ Hellickson about what happened, their response was, “Yeah, yeah, we know.”

“It was common knowledge what Strauss was doing, so the attitude was it is what it is,” he told NBC News. “I wish Jim, and Russ, too, would stand up and do the right thing and admit they knew what Strauss was doing, because everybody knew what he was doing to the wrestlers. What was a shock to me is that Strauss tried to do that to me. He was breaking new ground by going after a ref.”

Read the entire NBC News report HERE.

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