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Religious Leaders Are Fighting Back Against Trump’s Immigration Enforcement, He’s Livid

As Donald Trump’s immigration enforcement continues across the country, religious leaders are taking a stand and are fighting back.

On Sunday’s episode of “60 Minutes” Rev. Robin Hynicka of a Methodist church in Philadelphia and the city’s mayor, Jim Kenney, spoke with Scott Pelley about sanctuary cities and sanctuary congregations.

Trump might be trying to get rid of sanctuary cities, but Hynicka’s church is one of more than 800 houses of worship that are circumventing immigration laws and offering shelters to undocumented immigrants.

“When a law breaks the backs of God’s people then it’s time for us to think about breaking those laws,” Hynicka said.

Hynicka’s church is sheltering Flores Garcia, who has three U.S. citizen children but has a deportation order against him due to a decades-old DUI charge.

Hynicka says that’s “injustice and oppression, all of which is evil.”

“When a human being’s human rights are denied, when they can’t stay with their family, when they can’t work, when they can’t participate in the community in which they have deep roots, all of those apply.”

ICE Deputy Director Daniel Ragsdale told “60 Minutes” he understands the human toll of immigration enforcement. “As a human being, I know it is traumatic for folks,” he said. “But I will also say that the rule of law is something that America is built on.”

Ragsdale feels that people like Garcia “should come out of the basement of the churches and follow the law.”

Hynicka was asked if he felt conflicted:

“There’s no conflict. I think– I’ve said this before that when a law breaks the backs of God’s people, then it’s time for us to think about breaking those laws.”

Earlier this year, Trump signed an executive order that barred federal funding to over 600 sanctuary cities.

Mayor Kenney says that his sanctuary city is upholding the constitution by protecting the rights of immigrants.

“If you come to the country without documents because you’re starving in your country or you’re being held hostage by drug dealers or you’re afraid your children are gonna be shot in the streets or on their farm, I think that that’s self-preservation and self-survival. And any group of people would flock to America because that’s been the historic place where people came to be saved.”

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