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Remember Undecided Voter Ken Bone? He’s Now Firmly Anti-Trump. Here’s Why

Ken Bone, the infamous undecided voter that not only became a meme but he captured the hearts of Americans. Although Bone never admitted who he voted for, he did speak with CNN and told them he was not at all pleased with Donald Trump

“Overall, I’m very unhappy with what I see,” Bone told CNN.

Bone said he was anti-Trump since Trump took office. He spoke out against Trump’s Muslim ban.

“How could that realistically keep anyone safer?” Bones said.

He also criticized Trump’s anti-transgender policies.

“Can transgender people go into the bathroom of the sex they see themselves as?” Bone said of the latter. “Why not? Who freaking cares?”

But what pushed Bone over the edge was Trump’s constant attack on the media.

“The leader of the free world should probably be focusing a little bit more on the country, and less about crying about fake news,” he said. “That’s one thing I really, really hate, is when Trump is like, ‘Oh, fake news is at it again. Fake news CNN.’ Why do you care? You know?”

You can read up the whole interview HERE.

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