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Republican Senator Threatens To Call Cops On Constituents For Writing Him Letters


Republican Senator Threatens To Call Cops On Constituents For Writing Him Letters

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton (R) has sent out threatening letters to liberal constituents who have bombarded the senator’s office with phone calls and letters demanding answers to key policy questions.

In the brief letter, Cotton’s office asked the person that “all communication” must be stopped with any of his offices and that further contact would be reported to the U.S. Capitol Police, The Arkansas Times reported Thursday.

“This letter is immediate notification that all communication must cease and desist immediately with all offices of US Senator Tom Cotton. All other contact will be deemed harassment and will be reported to the United States Capitol Police,” the letter states, according to The Arkansas Times.

A member of activist group Ozark Indivisible who received the cease-and-desist letter told the publication that Cotton’s actions show that the senator does not have respect for any constituents who have differing views.

“I believe if Tom Cotton’s office were to respond as to why they sent this letter, I think they just honestly don’t want to listen to any citizen’s opposing view or hear the numerous grave concerns U.S. citizens have about the serious & ongoing attack on our Democracy,” the constituent writes.

Cotton’s office defended the Senator’s actions but admitted to THV 11 that these letters are rare and only used  “under extreme circumstances. ”

“If an employee of Senator Cotton receives repeated communications that are harassing and vulgar, or any communication that contains a threat, our policy is to notify the U.S. Capitol Police’s Threat Assessment Section,” Cotton’s communications director Caroline Rabbit Tabler said.

However, she could not explain what made the constituents letters “extreme.”

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