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Rep. Steve Cohen Utterly Destroys The GOP For Misrepresenting The Mueller Report: ‘They Are Lying!’

Using the cache of evidence highlighted in the Special Counsel report after Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Russia election interference and President Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice, House Democrats continue to investigate potential criminal activity by the Trump campaign and his administration.

That has not made the president’s supporters very happy, as they continue to falsely claim that the Mueller report completely exonerates Trump. Of course, they know that’s not true, and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) let them have it.

Before aiming his rant at Republicans, Cohen thanked his constituents for showing up before going on an angry rant at Republicans who are eager to downplay the findings of the Russia probe.

“They have to see what I have to put up with. Week after week after week,” Cohen said.

“Colleagues who come here and say that the Mueller report — which they obviously have not read — says no collusion. That collusion is not even mentioned in the Mueller report — ”

Congressman Steve Chabot (R-OH) tried to interrupt and dispute the claim that Republicans haven’t read the entire report. He was swiftly shut down for being out of order. Cohen continued.

“We do not in any way exonerate him for committing obstruction of justice,” he said.

“Hearings about nothing? Hearings about the Russians interfering in our elections? That is in the Mueller report!”

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